Review: Superman Last Son Of Krypton TPB

Superman Last Son of Krypton is a collected edition from DC Comics which features the Last Son and Brainiac story lines from Action Comics.



The cover to this trade is taken from Action Comics #844 (the first issue of the Last Son story arc) and shows Superman in (sort of) Black and White. I think that the cover is very different and that its uniqueness makes it a very powerful cover. However, it isn’t the best cover I have ever seen as despite the effect the cover gives, it is almost a bit bland.

Score: 4/5


I am going to have to split this into two as it is very hard to review both story arcs as a whole.

Last Son

This is a great story arc and introduced a few new characters including the post-Infinite Crisis General Zod, Ursa and Non. It also features Lex Luthor and a few of his ‘henchman’ as-such including Bizzaro. The story is really good and features some great action moments as well as some great dialogue ones.

Score: 4.5/5


When I first started reading this story after Last Son, I thought it couldn’t be half as good. However, once the story got going I found it to be very good and interesting. Towards the end of the story arc there is the death of a major character and it is very emotional. It is truly storytelling from the heart which is proved during some flashback scenes in the epilogue.



Last Son

Adam Kubert’s artwork for this story arc is stunning! It truly looks absolutely amazing and really works well with the story being told. Some of the best artwork I have seen in awhile.

Score: 5/5


Decent artwork but nothing spectacular that can really compare to Last Son.

Score: 4/5


This is a segment especially for collected editions. Was the trade good value for money? The answer: YES! YES! YES! When I purchased after reading the first issue of Last Son on FCBD, I was only expecting it to contain that story arc. However, to my surprise, after a few days of ordering I checked the description on Amazon to see what it contained and saw that it had Brainiac in it as well! For £9.59, this is definitely worth the money.

Score: 5/5


Cover: 4/5

Story: 5/5

Art: 5/5

Value: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

Highly Recommended.


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